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why spirit horse tarot

Things to keep in mind:

* Your life is your journey. You are the one at the reins of your own Spirit Horse (read the ‘Why Spirit Horse?’ section for reference). I show my clients, through the images of tarot, where that journey will likely end up if you stay on your current path. I firmly believe we are the
Captains of our own ships, we are the riders of the horse. YOU make the decisions, and your decisions determine the outcome. The cards are simply a signpost you can ignore or heed. I do not believe in fatalism.

* My goal is to empower you to be guided by your own intuition and strength. For this reason, I may ‘reframe’ your question. If you ask for example, “will the guy I have a crush on call me back?” I may ask you clarifying questions to see where your position of power is. We may end up with a more empowering question such as, “what qualities do I offer in a love relationship, and how do I better develop those?” See how that works? I am placing the reins in your hands, since you are not a passive responder to life. He may call back, he may
not. But your worth does not hinge upon it.

* I am a very open person, if you have a personal question for me, ask away! I am free to answer, and hard to offend. However, I do have boundaries and I am not afraid to enforce them. I will end a reading if I perceive any:
                            * Rudeness, disrespect, or abuse
                            * Obsessive questions - if you come to me multiple times with the same question, I will not assist you.

* If you are actively in crisis or a heightened emotional state, I will reschedule for a time when you are in a more relaxed state. I may give you some exercises or ideas of how to ease the crisis, point you toward a physician, or make another recommendation. In my experience,
people in the midst of crisis have difficulty connecting to their own intuition and I would hate for you to miss out on the valuable insight you would otherwise receive.

* I do not negotiate prices. If you can find a cheaper, quality reading elsewhere I completely understand that.

* If you are under 18, your parents must be present for any video or in-person readings, or spoken with and cc’d on all email readings.

* I do not answer questions about:
                           * Gambling
                           * Sports
                           * Anything criminal
                           * Dates of death

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