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You hold the reins, I show you the path.

I could write out a mini autobiography, but I think it might miss my essence and become a ramble. In short, I grew up in a very troubled home and became independent at age 14. (Yes, I bought my own groceries, paid rent, worked, went to school, and didn’t end up in jail. That’s a story of its own.) I married young, divorced young, moved across the country, moved out of the country, went to college, had babies, became a police officer for over ten years, changed careers, had a spiritual awakening, and am now living what Joanna Devoe over at Hippie Witch calls The Kickass Life of My Dreams. I love riding my horse, eating fabulous food
and drinking wine with my handsome introvert brainy husband, watching my kids and garden grow, writing, and of course helping others through Tarot and dream interpretation.

I am the person who truly listens and sees. I am someone who has walked through many (both self induced and not-so self induced) trials and so wishes to help others through theirs. I am a communicator and I say yes to nearly every adventure. I am a lover of ideas and an open mind. I bite off more than I can chew on a regular basis. I am both a calm in the storm and a wind in the sails. An old soul with a young heart and a forever friend. The person who many turn to for guidance through difficult issues. I am human and I have made Mistakes of Unusual Size (MoUS’s for you Princess Bride fans). Because of my ability to acknowledge those MoUS’s I can not only give a little self-love to heal me, but I can also use them to light the way for others.

I love natal charts, so if you do, too we can definitely connect over that. Mercury rules my Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Rising signs. So guess what? I love love LOVE to travel, communicate, and navigate change. I play the Devil’s Advocate - even though I don’t even believe he exists. Dark humor rules my day, so I’ll ask forgiveness in advance if I find the joke in any tragedy.

So that’s me in a nutshell! Really no labels fully describe any of us and I look forward to the
day more of us learn to connect before we judge.

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