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why spirit horse tarot

I’m betting you’re not sure why I named my tarot business “Spirit Horse Tarot”. The answer to me is so instinctual it’s almost hard to

put into words. I’ll start by painting you a mental picture. Images are perhaps the quickest route to true understanding.

In your mind, picture a beach. One of those Caribbean beaches, where the water is clear and inviting, waves just lap softly at the

shoreline, and light-colored, baby fine sand feels luxurious on your feet. The air feels just warm enough to be comfortable, and the only sounds you hear are the soft waves.

In the distance, you hear the sound of hoofbeats coming closer. It sounds as if the horse is at a gallop, in measured, rapid beats, and your heart starts in your chest. As they come closer, you see a woman on a galloping horse. She seems so carefree and full of joy, her smile is
obvious and her long hair is flowing in the wind, just like the mane of the horse. She has no need of a bridle or saddle and they seem to be communicating perfectly and invisibly, as if the horse and the woman were of the same mind.

This woman and this horse are the very embodiment of power, trust and freedom.

Now think of the horse as your intuition, and the woman as your conscious mind.

The horse is so much more sensitive and aware of their environment than we humans could ever be. They have a power that scares many people, and they are always a reflection of their rider.

If the horse looks to the rider for leadership and finds only worry, the horse believes the rider must be worried about something very real and threatening. The horse then doubles up their vigilance for threats and becomes anxious. The resulting ride looks very precarious, as they both move forward with uncertainty and trepidation. Sometimes the horse becomes so frightened they run away.

Other riders fear the horse and believe they must have absolute control, by any means. Even though the horse is 100 times more

powerful, they will submit for long periods of time. Until one day they don’t.

Which rider are you, when it comes to your intuition?

We are all riding this Spirit Horse through life.

I had a very precarious relationship with my own intuition as a young woman, and even through my thirties. It showed up in many ways for me: Rash decision making, lots of mind changing, anxiety in the form of ulcers, and an underlying feeling of physical tension.

My confidence in certain areas of my life was in the dumps. I was living a life completely out of alignment with
my purpose.

Enter my connection to my own intuition.

I would call it a ‘forced surrender’. Eckhart Tolle would call it an ‘awakening’. I realized that in order to skillfully guide this proverbial

horse, I would need to let go of the reins. My will was at odds with my intuition! What I thought I wanted was not what my soul actually desired. My ego was afraid of letting those reins go, until a dream forced me to!

My intuition, my Inner Wise Woman, the Spirit Horse of my soul, has always spoken to me through dreams. It’s as if the still of the night, while our minds are sleeping, she can speak to us in vivid images.

Images are easier for the subconscious mind to understand. This is also how tarot works: The image on the card speaks directly to your intuition, your inner Spirit Horse. You’ll know what she is trying to tell you before your mouth can make the words. This is perhaps why

I love to help others through tarot, to show them the answers already there, within them. It’s not my wisdom, it is yours. I just light

the way.

Do you have recurring dreams? These may be a message from your Intuition, or your Spirit Horse, trying to guide you. If so, and if

you would like help decoding these messages, I would love to hear from you.

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